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Default Re: Ripped Out a Spoke ?

Inspiring to say the least ! I hope I get that good !

I just got back with a new spoke, while I was there I saw a wheel,

really great looking, I think it was chromium-steel, gonna get one, looks like what I need, sorry I don't have the specs, but I get them next visit, I was there to get the spoke and pick up a socket at the hardware.
But, although your advice is first rate, if it was a front wheel I definetly would not try what I am gonna do, and that is fix it !

or at least try, then I'm gonna except the Huffy that comes through delivery, and I'm going back to the bike shop and buy that chromium, first chance.

I'll mount the Chromium, looks like a winner !

Oh he said that my wheel was pretty much no dish and that the spokes would be pretty much all the same size, although he did get out a measurement device and check the size.
So. I'll let you know how it work goes.
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