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Default Re: Ripped Out a Spoke ?

Hey Misteright,

I have also just found out that K-mart, will give me a new bike but not a new tire, so I'm inquiring fro Sears to see if, we can negotiate, the original problem concerning the, replacement was not the spoke, but a defect found in the rim, where the weld seem is.

That was when I summond them through the e-mail and started the process.

So now, with motor mounted on bike it will be a little difficult to take it back for a new one, even if it is a replacement.

I wondering how much of a problem fixing the, "popped spoke"
would be.

I read a little about it, but, "popped spokes", are mainly a problem with the spoke popping of at the threads, in my case the whole rim spoke assembly just made a hole and ripped out, leaving a pucker. I still can not find anyone who has dealt with this.

My apologies for buying a hundred dollar bike, as I am also finding out by hints it can be the quality of the rim,
plus the load on the spokes from the chain sprocket assembly, then the re-alignment from that, so what can you expect from a pedal bike that only cost a hundred dollars, I don't think it was built for an engine, where I am sure the wheel at the time was bearing some torque.

What do you mean, " wire tieing the spokes " ?

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