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Default Re: Ripped Out a Spoke ?

It won't help a lot just to see how to replace a broken spoke but thanks anyway, I just received word fro Sears about K-Mart and I think I can get a new wheel, but I sure would like to know more about this !

I guess its possible it may have been over-tightened, however it was only to straighten the wheel, it is also possible concerning the quality of the wheel that the wobble overwhelmed the situation and or I may have inadvertently worsened the wobble as I went along only to correct it by over-tightening this particular spoke,

The only way you or I will ever Know, would be to go back and look at each spoke and do a thread measurement with the tire off, this I am afraid, I probably will not do, it has been a rather tiresome ordeal, but I did get that fantastic short lived ride and I'll be up and running again in a day or two.

Thanks again.
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