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Default Ripped Out a Spoke ?

Looks like I paid the price for finally getting the wobble out of the wheel, After several adjustments, (I'm new at alignment), I got the wheel straight, but, apparently lost track of turns to this and turns to that, . . the bike never ran better, I now have the engine pretty well broke in, and I noticed immediately smooth ride, and ample performance, so after a clutch adjustment, I took it out a second time, first time about five minutes second time about four, rounding the corner on the block coming home and POP !, I was sure it was the chain, looking at it I noticed nothing wrong, but spotted the spoke, ripped out !

Now there seems to be a rise or pucker where it came out,

I'm wondering can I tap in the pucker and put in a new spoke or what ?

Has this ever happened to anyone ?

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