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Default Hello from Texas

Hi, I'm Austin. I live in Garland, Texas with my mom, dad, and sister. I'm almost 16 and want to start learning how to drive, but lately I've been looking at motorcycles instead of cars since they have better mileage (and frankly, motorcycles are cooler than cars But my dad says that most motorcycles today are very powerful, having engines that are 1000cc's and above. He recommends that I learn to ride on a much less powerful engine. I've decided he's right and I looked around the internet and I've decided to build a kit bike. I have a 2004 schwinn stingray which I would love to make into a motorbike. I've come across a few problems though: 1) I need a motor 2) I need a motor mount 3) I would prefer both to be cheap (we're in a recession, you know.) 4) Last, and maybe most important, does anyone here know of the laws in texas (or the U.S. in general) regarding the legality of motorized bicycles?
Thanks for any help.
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