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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

* From member WALTER F. *

Alright here goes>> XYZ Bikes <> located in California. This is where I bought my bike a chopper/cruiser for $155.00 FedEx to Connecticut was $104.00. Bike arrived on time, undamaged and was all there. What else can I say, I would buy from them again yes! In fact they got a "trike" I got my eye on.

Zoombicycles <> This is where I bought my engine. They are RUIHONG ENTERPRISES LTD. located at 7678 Winston St. Burnaby, B>C> V5A2H4. Customer Service Phone !-877-565-6888. Engine arrived last Friday on time and undamaged. As near as I can tell it is all there and there are basic instructions with the kit in English. I have not run the engine yet or run into any problems for dealer to solve so I guess I'll give them a provisional OK for now, this will be an ongoing review. located in California (Redding I think) This is a site for stuff for the bike, mirrors,seats,lights, ect. I have ordered a few thing s and they should be here tommorrow. I'll keep you posted Walter F.
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