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Originally Posted by Fizzbane View Post
@BarelyAWake: I have pat's custom made steel air intake manifold. Does the exhaust manifold need to match that manifold or just the engine cylinder exhaust port? Im not planning on going into the cylinder if i dont have to. I do not have the skill nor what i am assuming is an extreme amount of patience. plus no dremel tool.

@BarelyAWake: Any recommended brand? or exact product? (always nice to go with something reliable)

I will def do the "easy clutch access" mount as well as get some pipe to defuse the force.

Anyone know how many lbs should be on head studs?
The custom intake outa be fine, but I'd check the gasket fosho - manifolds only need to match their individual ports, not each other as the intake and exhaust cylinder ports are different anyway... The only thing you really need to do is the gaskets (the rest is picky performance stuff) tho I'd heartily recommend gettin' a Dremel at some point anyway, they're just too handy for far too many other things

Any quality brand marine grease is awesome, the "marine" stuff is just a bit tackier and lasts longer than standard grease (it's a serious pain to wash off hands heh) but it's not critical, any quality brand name will do. We get it in like 5 gallon buckets here at the marina and we jus' call it the "peanut butter" which isn't terribly clever and it means I can never remember what it's bedanged brand name actually is heh, prolly Yamalube or Quicksilver (Mercury's brand).

As for all the torque ranges & patterns etc., Norm has laid it all out in glorious detail here:
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