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Well, this kind of thing just leaves one thinking how quick it can all be gone, but at the same time I realize that our creator has it all under control even though many times in life we go through very trying times and may never in this life truly understand the reason for it, but a strong since of faith and hope in God for a better and brighter tomorrow will carry us through most all of what this life has to throw at us if we'll stay focused on the things that really matter and give our best effort to do the right thing and care for our fellow man as much as we care for ourselves, I'm very new here to this forum and to this great group of people I have met through the words I've watched in this MB's Forum, I will be willing to pitch in as well if I could get someone to send me Silverbear's e-mail addy. for sending funds to pay pal, as it has been said before there are enough of us out here to make a difference for our fellow MB-er if we will all just pull together and give what we can $1 or $100 it doesnt matter every penny will help so let's all do what we can, I know many of us dont have a lot, but heck dont we all waist a but load of money all the time on junk that dont amount to a hill of beans, who knows some of the rest of us may be in this same place some day and I'll bet we would really appreciate a little help in our time of need, Silverbear I know it's hard to take help sometime like this but, man this is not welfare this is coming from people who have real compasion for a fellow man that has a need and we just want to help because it's the right thing to do, so give us an e-mail addy so we can help get you up and going again.

God Bless you and your PUP, and be careful and know that myself and I'm sure there are others out here that will continue to have you in our thoughts and prayers.

someone PM me an addy. so I can send what I can to help Silverbear, lets quit talking about all this and help this guy out.....!