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Sorry for your misfortune SB.. You did right by bringing it to the community. Lots of people here will be willing to help, I'm sure. I know those burned bike parts got me tuned right in. Heartbreaking to say the least!

Someone post SB's paypal address here then people can just go there and give what they want. I will absolutely donate to the cause. Anybody near him should help put some clothes together because those are gone also..

Lets Get Silver Bear Back to the Forest..
If 10 people donate 100 dollars SB will be able to get a stable enough truck to bring him back to the forest. Last I checked there were like 15,000 members here. This Shouldn't be too hard.

Once home. I'm sure 1 bike will lead to 2 and 2 to 3. As they always do. I'll donate bike parts as well.

Hope we can help out here. We've been called on for a reason.........
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