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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Originally Posted by captainrichhill View Post
Has anyone ordered from Dax lately???? I ordered mine on 05/30/08 and I still don't have it. His website quoted a 10 day turn time when I ordered. ( time before they send it out) Now I think they are 20 work days or more. I'm a little disapointed. I called and spoke to them. All they said is that they were behind and basically too bad. We'll send it when we send it.
That didn't make me have much faith in them. I hope it runs ok. Or at lease better then the operations.
i ordered on that same day and i was a little disappointed too, but last week we got tired of waiting and asked for the money back and Grady refunded to PayPal account darn near immediately, so i still would have confidence dealing with them.

i would have preferred my engine kit delivered somewhere near that 10 business days or an explanation after a month of waiting, but again, i must say they took care of us right away when we got tired of waiting. i was impressed by that.
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