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Default Re: Motor prep work

Even if ya don't wanna get that deep into it - I defo recommend port matching the intake and exhaust manifolds, the SBP mount flange is FAR better than stock, but it and the gasket could still use a touch.
@BarelyAWake: I have pat's custom made steel air intake manifold. Does the exhaust manifold need to match that manifold or just the engine cylinder exhaust port? Im not planning on going into the cylinder if i dont have to. I do not have the skill nor what i am assuming is an extreme amount of patience. plus no dremel tool.

I'd recommend a quality marine grade bearing grease
@BarelyAWake: Any recommended brand? or exact product? (always nice to go with something reliable)

I will def do the "easy clutch access" mount as well as get some pipe to defuse the force.

Anyone know how many lbs should be on head studs?
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