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Default Motor prep work

I just purchased a pk-80, a SBP expansion chamber, Jim's Billet head, new air filter, spark wire, etc. Some good upgrades. also ordering shift kit soon.

For starters i would like to know where, and if i need to, add/clean and re-grease any part of the engine. If so, what grease is recommended? (Wondering about the drive gear and clutch gear mash up spot)

Since i am replacing the head, Is it also recommended i replace the studs as well? idk what size studs they are(nor how to measure them properly) so any indication on replacement size would be great (engine is Pk-80, from zoombicycles). Will a new head gasket be needed even with the motor never been used?

What amount of torque is needed on my head studs?

I will be replacing all engine hardware with sbp hardware kit, will new gaskets be needed for magneto and clutch? im assuming not...

I also want to use the universal front mount from sbp and need to know stud width(of pk-80). If anyone could let me know that would be greatly appreciated.

As well I would love to know of any other motor prep work that should be done to ensure a long and relatively hiccup free life to my motor. Bike prep work is also welcomed, tho i got the bike completely overhauled at the local shop, full tune up. Its a kuwahara mountain bike, just want to use it for round town cruising. but fairly fast cruising.

ps - Hard rubber in between mounts and frame, yes or no?

technically 2nd build but first build I am taking time on.

Much appreciated!

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