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Default Re: Noob, First build

If you've got a dremel there's some basic clean up & finishing work overlooked by the manufacturer in the interest of reducing costs - it's pretty easy to do and best of all it only costs your time (& mebbe a gasket set if you do the whole thing):

If you don't wish to delve into tearing your engine apart just yet, that's fine - I'd still heartily recommend doing at least the intake & exhaust as it's not only really simple but provides the most benefit, here's a link to just that part of it: Basic Porting, post 164391

While this alone won't provide a huge gain - it does help provide some more power at high RPM & WOT as there's less restriction & a much smoother idle & running at any speed. I will say that accessorizing with performance parts without doing this basic clean up is robbing some of the gain you'd get with those parts
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