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Default Re: California New Guy seeks source for kits!

This place will ship to Cali.
NEW 80cc / 66cc Gas Bike Engine Motorized Bike Bicycle Motor Kit

Authentic EPA Approved Catalytic Converter Exhaust Pipe
Keep in Mind that to be EPA approved your engine needs to have a stamp or marking on it stating the date it was manufactured and the EPA approval number which ours has. Other engines that advertise being EPA approved that don't have this are NOT EPA APPROVED. Remember that it is illegal to ship or use a NON EPA Approved engine in California and is the end consumers (your) responsibility. Save yourself the fines by making sure that it is EPA approved not by just trusting what other sellers say. Remember that these sellers are importing engines into the country illegally and have no reguard for our environment and well being. They are just trying to make a quick buck as not epa approved engines are typically $15-$35 cheaper.

Buy Site
Home Site

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