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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Since I posted a bad review of Revolution, I guess I should have said why...

I have never bought from Revolution...but I have spoken to some who have and alot is from word of mouth.

One guy order a 70cc kit and recieved a 48cc

One recieved a kit without a clutch in it, he got no response from revolution and had to buy a clutch from another dealer.

Many have recieved incomplete kit' carb..and one guy never recieved his kit at all...never got a response from revoltion.

I was asked to help out...When I finally got in contact with revolution after many week's of trying..He chewed me out for no reason, said that he does not help those who whine and they could go **** themself's. Then he went on this ramble rampage of how Grube has got it in for him...I have no ideal what he was talking about..

This is why I gave a bad review to Revolution is only my opinion

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