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Default Re: This is priceless episode II

C'mon Creative,
Give the guy a break. Just because his build didn't have the fit and polish of your builds you can't jump all over him.

*looks at pictures*

HOLY CLAM DIP!!!! This bonehead is gonna get someone killed!!!! What planet do you come from where they think its a good idea to do this? I have almost zero mechanical skills and I could see,... with my bad eye,... across a foggy football field,... at dusk,... that this is nothing but an extended stay at the hospital for any one who dares ride it. The c.l.-er who built this abomination should be dragged behind my bike before a good long soak in lemon juice and Tabasco sauce! THIS IS WHY PEOPLE THINK OUR BIKES ARE NOT SAFE!!!

Sorry C.E. you were right for posting this. Exposing these "builders" for the scam artists they are. Before I spend a dime on one of these losers I will buy a 12 pack and invite some buddies to help me figure things out. That way if the bike won't run at least you got to hang with friends.
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