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Default Re: 35cc bike kits?

Bill, OK so what part of oregon are ya in? Douglas, Josephine, lane county?
Well this is the deal where I live, I am respectful of the rules of the road and such, and if a Cop pulls me over they just have a lil cheat sheet, I have seen it. They ask a series of questions and as long as you answer right they just take your word for it. I mean obviously you cant get away with a big v twin and say its 35 cc, but most of these small motors can pass for 35 cc as long as there is no displacement stamp. I ran a 66cc (or 80 depending on who ya talk to) and talk to police multiple times without any probs. Now that I am putting a 110 with a tranny on it I don't think they'll let me slide. What are your motor Biking intentions, do you wanna cruise around on mostly motor or visa versa?. My 4 year old is getting a 35cc on her chopper
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