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Default Re: This is priceless episode II

There is no other place to put his little gem of information [about my day], other than here so here goes:

This morning, I turned on my laptop and did a little internet perusing as I usually do before I go to work. I came to and saw this thread, read it, and went about my day...sort of. All day, I did nothing except obsess over my mother's Blueberry Cobbler. You know why? Because this thread used the word cobbler, which I can attest I have never actually seen written in context outside of its neighborly definition - a confectionery treasure of deliciousness. Anyways, all ended well. At around 4:30, I called my mother and asked if she had any plans for the night. She told me was sitting at home with my dad watching the Suns game, and so I begged her to make me some Blueberry Cobbler. Well, needless to say, she did, and I drove 40 miles (80 round trip) for a few servings of cobbler. I thank this thread for making my night.
If anyone is interested in building me a bicycle chariot, please PM me. I will fund the project.

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