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This is cvt info from a guy on youtube that seems to know hes stuff; his english is broken so it doesn't read well. someone check it out and let us know if the man knows what he's talking about.

"On CVT there is a sprocket 20 tooth. A sprocket on 41 tooth too small for good driving. The parity between a leading and conducted star should be 3:1 a minimum - is means that the sprocket on 60 tooth is necessary to you. Then the maximum speed at you awakes 38 MPH And the minimum speed 10 MPH.
Keep in mind that on CVT there is a sprocket for a chain with small step of 8 mm. This calculation is true for CVT with the general kickdown nearby 8:1. If you buy CVT with kickdown 7:1, you should put a sprocket on a wheel even more (on 68 tooth). Good luck!"
I know I believe I understand what I think You said; I'm just not sure I realize that what I heard is not what you meant.
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