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Default Re: Tandem w/ shift kit?

Sweet ride mwarning! Those chainguards are awesome - you musta fabbed them yourself? Very, very nice

"The engine on this bike is pretty lame"

Ya know, peerin' at yer pics it looks as if ya might have one of the dreaded catalytic converter mufflers on there, I've two different friends that have had that pipe on their ride and it alone seems to sap a lot of power - you may wish to replace it with a tuned pipe...

You're prolly not interested in speed - but it does help with low end power as well as waking up the powerband a bit. I dunno if you altered the intake and exhaust gaskets any, but they too can act like a "governor" and limit the power output - particularly at higher RPMs (like when yer about to shift). It's a "quick and easy", as is modding the manifolds themselves, here's a link if yer curious:

No any one thing really gives you gobs more power, but all together it can really help for a stronger, smoother runnin' engine.

Ya defo outa hand yer cam to yer passenger to make a lil vid if ya can
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