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Default Re: Brake upgrade for shift kit

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
Thanks for the compliments guys.

Hadn't seen you around for a while Crazy Horse, thought you fell off the pavement. Glad to see you back too...thanks for your interest in a complete build list. If you do a search of my posts you can probably find all you want to know. Have been posting updates on upgrades as I've done them.

Just wanted to say your Stretch Build is inspiring I'm sure for all of us Stretch Builder Veterans, and especially for the newbies.

When we share a build list with our forum members and visitor's it makes it so much easier for all of us when we want to start a new build or upgrade an existing build!

Just wanted to say I always appreciate the fact that you and many forum members are always willing to share their talent and knowledge for the greater motorbicycling community!!!

That Disc Brake Upgrade of yours is in my opinion OUTSTANDING!

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