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Sorta off-topic but I thought some might get a kick outa this

"In 1959 DAF started selling the world's first car with a continuously variable transmission, the small four-seater DAF 600";

(img taken frm 'Scrapheap Challenge' season 7, episode 11)

Originally Posted by wiki
DAF cars had the image of being slow. The company tried to change this image with entries in rallies and races, such as their entry in the London-Sydney Marathon. This led to an increase in sales, but not as much as the management had hoped for. The company also competed with a Formula Three car.

* 1993: A Williams Formula One car was not allowed to race, because it had the Van Doorne's CVT drive. If that car had raced, it could have been more than a full second per lap faster than the competition. As Williams was the leading team already at the time, the F1 management decided to forbid the technology. It would have been the first time a technical development introduced in a road car would be used in a race car, instead of the other way round.
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