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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Tires?

I thought I was gonna get a break when I bought a hundred dollar Huffy from K-Mart and mounted a Kings 80cc on it, heck, after mounting the engine, I inflated the tires, min 40 psi-max 65 psi,
with a hand pump, I could hardly get more than 40 psi into each, without a lot of hard pumping, so I left it at 40, (I'm working in the garage), and started working on something else, Kaboom !!*^??!!

Just sitting there the front tire blew ! I did not know what to make of it ?? So put a spare tube I had into the tire, sitting in-front of it, and placing the nuts back on and Kaboomm !! **??!! again.

I still could not make this out, . . I took the tire and rim to a local guy, for a closer look, he said that it was probably the bead, . .

But he remounted and packed in a tube, pressure hose air filled it.

And it sitting here looking OK for the time being, I am not altogether sure exactly what happened but now I a wondering if the cheap air gauge I bought for 1.29, gave a false reading about the cheap tires.

I have learned to give such some considerations as it would be well recommended.

Please don't post back any, "I told you so", comments about cheap tires, I already know that.

Worth thinking about though !
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