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Default Re: Its Electric Start

Originally Posted by DOC BOLM View Post
I took another trip to get photos of the bike today.I got a pd unit to show me where the guy lived,and guess what,it was in a upscale part of town.I got him to the door and showed him the post i had copied told him i would like to see the bike.He said no because he did not want us to steal his ideas.more less ran me off.but he told me it had a frount brake with the lever on the top post.The cop who took me to him stoped me on the way out of town and apologize for the guys rudeness THANKED HIM AND IN PARTING SAID THAT BIKES IS OVER 49CC WHICH MAKES IT ILLEGAL IN MISSISSIPPI.
Man Doc! Bummer Buddy. Hate folks like that. Truthfully, every thing on his bike or about his bike could be found here. The cool part about his build is that it is all on one MB. What a dink! Lets all get all liquored up an' have a chat with him! lol Does he know who you are!? Doc "Happy's agent" expletive Bolm!

That's it! I am gonna buy a ticket an' be on the next flight down! (might need bail money tomorrow, snork) ((we should ask Hiker to make that a smilie, that would be funny))

Speaking of Happy, did his brother ever arrive?
worst apocalypse ever
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