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Default Re: Its Electric Start

Geeee????!!! You think the engine could be mounted on the lower part of the frame?
looks like what happens when a go kart, mini bike,scooter,bicycle, and who knows what
else breed?

I give it my vote for home made of the month,year?

Deacon should see this? Well maybe
it would be better if he didn't.
You sure could put batteries all over it and power it with an electric motor.
That IS a custom built machine!!!!
Yep, I can't get that image out of my head either. I sure would like to see the driver on it.
Rufus took one look and took off scared him I guess?
Couldn't you just image the movie"Easy Rider" with 2 of those things as the bikes they rode? LOL!!!!
Bet it took more than a 6 pack to get it done. Nice touch is the single side mounted rear wheel at lest it looks that way. Plus the high tech belt drive.
We need that guy to join us here on the forum!!!
Out of the box designs.
Snake and I are laughing hard at this one!!!!!
I gotta go.

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