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Default Engine stalls when Idling

My engine has been running fine but lately, I noticed that I have gas around the bowl of the carburetor and leaking out of the air filter

This weekend I decided to change the motor mounts (Bolts) and get rid of my master ink and yes the chain was about to fall off, and all the bolts were bent.

I resealed the carburetor with RTV grey

The bike seems to run fine but when I come to a stop the bike stalls after several seconds, It starts with very little effort as well.

I still have the gas leak that seems to form around the bowl of the carburetor
I played with the idle screw and it does not make a difference, The Idle screw work did make a difference previous to this.

I am thinking maybe I need to clean the carburetor and the air filter, and yes I have an inline filer, maybe I should change that too. And I am still running on the original spark plug. I was going to change it after the break in was compleated

I had done over two hundred miles so far with only the regular problems.

Any help would be welcome.

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