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Default Re: Question about Chopper

Originally Posted by lottahorses View Post
If you get a chopper. you need to get one that has more then just a coaster brake or you can add better brakes to your bike. (very important). the micargi is a nice stretched bike. the kustom kruiser roadster stretch is almost the same bike but has stronger spokes and better tires and a lot sweeter . you can pick up a kustom kruiser off ebay from arizona swede. it says 180 plus 99 shipping but just put 130 in the offer box and it is yours . so you will have 130 in the bike and 99 shipping (great price). if they are out . they will have more in a day or two. they always do.

Pic of Kustom Kruiser

wooow you hit the nail on the head. your right the kustom Kruiser is pretty much the same as the micargi. i think im going to pick up a cheap bike offa craigslist and try the engine out first as somone suggested but u can bet ur ass ima get me one of the kruisers thanks''2
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