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Smile Re: Help w/ front motor mount

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Ofc joek, I was jus' mentioning that as he wanted it simple and quick, not that the puck isn't - but it is another step lol

I shoulda explained "proper bolts" a bit better heh, I had a similar issue as Tcams and the bolt heads protuding from the forward mount hit my frame before the plate did - so I got bolts with heads 1/2 as thick (still hadta bevel them slightly with my dremel) to allow it to seat properly.

Sorry bout that... it was so clear in me brain o.O

It does not show well in the photo, but the steel adapter plate in the photo is modified. put it in a large vise and used a BFH and a block of wood to bend it lengthwise to match the angle of the down tube. along with the spacing provided by the puck, its another solution to the same problem. Joe
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