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Default Re: New FELT a la Board Tracker

The Felt Line of Cruisers is an amazingly designed bunch of bikes. The attention to detail is bar none. My wife gave me the Hot Wheels 68 for my birthday this summer and I dig it! I've been riding bikes, road, mountain and cruisers for ever and a day and this thing is a blast! I have a nice little collection of vintage cruisers as well, one of which is the 41 Schwinn built up as my motor bicycle. So I love them all, old and new. I personally, would not build it as a motor bike, as I love it the way it is. However, it or any of the other aluminum framed cruisers would make excellent motor bike builds. I'm curious about the gas tank thing. How to seal and where what to use for the filler and cap. Anyone know where these parts are coming from? BTW, the Slater is the bomb! The fork, Nexus hub and attention to detail makes this a great value. This will be the wife's next bike.
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