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Default Re: New FELT a la Board Tracker

Originally Posted by Kevron99 View Post
I actually have a FELT bike on my first motorized bicycle built. It is a FELT Luxe Cruiser (The cheapest Felt Cruiser). During the build, and since I am a beginner with some trial and errors, I have it going stable now for 2 weeks and had put in about 20 miles without a hitch. Whew...(Although I still have an issue with idling - bike wont idle).

Now I am planning to built another Felt. I am considering a 4 stroke or a morinni engine. I am leaning towards the Revolver and change the front end to Monarch forks. Then follow Clotho's procedure on how to convert the tank to an actually gasoline holder. (Thanks Clotho your my idol!!)

Here's what I did with my first project. I installed a Ridley's engine mount, Ridleys Tensioner and Ridleys custom Shimano Coaster Brake Arm. I had Jim's sprocket adapter and 38t sprocket and SBP expansion mufflers. Then installed Sturmey Archers front drum brake. Applied KREEM gas tank liner.

FELTS are great bike for an MB. It is fun to work with this flatform and the satisfaction you get after the built.
Ok I have a question....Who is this Ridley guy?Please send a link to his site....I like the chain tensioner and mabe a mount.....
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....
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