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Default Re: New FELT a la Board Tracker

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
In the specs it says steel tank frame. Imagine that thing with a morini all dolled up! WOW, that kind of bike needs nothing but the best with a lotta love put into the build. T hat wouldnt couldnt be an everyday rider. I could never leave it outta my sight for fear of theft or vandalism.
The problem with mounting a Morinni on a Felt is that you can't get the motor high enough to clear the pedals. You would have to go with an extra wide pedal set to make it work. (Extra extra wide really)
At least this is what I have been led to believe after doing a bit of measuring.

User Magicalpancake has mounted a Morinni on a Felt MP and has a post here: magicalpancake's FELT MP Morini Build
So far he hasn't answered my question about the pedals so I suspect they are not functional
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