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Default Re: The creation of CRU

It's 65 bucks if it gets shipped to Toronto where someone professional will digitize it. It needs to be in a certain format, for stitching and embroidery, and computer programs running laser etchers and stuff like that. Once I have the file, I can literally print it on anything. My link says he's gonna give me good deals, cause we're friends and he likes my ideas, he wants to see what I can do. If his buddy here can digitize it for me, it's only like $35 - $40. No problem. I will be worth it, the catalog I was looking in had some really, really nice shirts. I'm not talking normal cotton t-shirts, I mean ones made with different materials, one is plastic bottles, feels like cotton, and is water resistant! One had embossed chevrons that were reflective! (looking into maybe that one for the rally shirts.) These aren't backyard shirts, they're just like the ones in the store you'd pay $40 for. They're sweet. lol. The logo is hopefully going to be given in good copy to me on Tuesday. He's making sure it's proper. When you see it, I think you'll be impressed.
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