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yes, i have a small inline filter.i made new gaskets for the intake, and exhaust. i changed the plug & set gap @ .020 inch , changed the fuel line,put a seal washer for the carb to seal against. then i cleaned the tank, the petcock screen, none were dirty.after looking at the pics, on the carb rebuild thread, i saw that my float needed a little more adjustment. with the carb upside down, i bent the arms,ever so slightly, so that i had .030 inch clearance between the float, & the plunger pin. then i turned right side up, & blew through the fuel line, to make sure it was clear. i cleaned the seat & checked for trash, none there. then i used my smallest torch tip cleaner, to run through the main jet. i checked this morning, no runs, no drips, & no errors. again thanks to all for their input, & suggestions. this is a great resource, if everything could work like this, think what a great world that would be.
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