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Default Hullo from Washington

Was getting old too fast and needed a new interest to keep active. Well I found it in this little motor.
Have not had so much fun since I was ten and learned the differences between boys and girls.
I put the "so called 80cc" on a mid 80s Nishiki 26in with good road tires and the 44t sprocket.
After about ten miles all the factory bolts and nuts started to loosen so I went in to the local bolt supply and replaced them all with #8 quality bolts with external wire lock washers and all the problems went away, oh, this dealt with the rear motor mount stud breakage problems as well.
This has gone so well that the wife has decided to get into it with me. We plan to do a long distance trip at the start of summer, from Everett Wa. around the olympic peninsula or the Mountain Loop Hwy,not sure yet but eventually we will do both.
Now on to a question; Can anyone tell me a good but inexpensive light system? Like I said I'm old so those $150.00 kits are out of the question. Maybe a bit of advice on how to wire into the bike or any other advice you think worth giving. Best 2stroke oil.etc...
Thanks ahead of time and may all have a great day.
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