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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
No jackets required!...just a desire for the best parts at reasonable prices.

I really like making new stuff for these bikes...and most of the time I really like dealing with customers.

Yes Kevron I like you too...I know you just want your parts.

In your haste to ride have you made sure that your bike is totally up to par? Have you?

Have you greased and set the preload on the wheel bearings? Both front and rear? Have you trued the wheels and checked the spoke tension? Have you examined the tires carefully for any defects? Are the tires clenched to the rim uniformly? I could go on for hours...truthfully you only think that you are waiting for me to ship parts...In reality there is, and always will be, more that can be done to the bike to make it engine ready.


Jim / Mike,

This is why you are very precious...very important DUDE in the world of MB. Thanks a lot men for your advise. With all the list of things you just mentioned...It is going to keep me busy and out of boredome. I thank you again...and I like you too! Send my regards to Karen,

Kervon / Ron