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Default Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

I have ordered an adapter and sproket since 8-31-09 from Manic. It is exactly 1 month now and have not receive it yet. On Manics web site stated to give them 2 weeks. I understand that they MM is busy. But I think one month is so long for a wait. I called on Wednesday of the 2nd week just to check and make sure they got my order, I was told by Karen that it will be shipped by the end of the week. I assumed it will be Friday. Then 3rd week no parts received. I called again the Friday of the 3rd week to follow up, this time I was threatened that they will send my money back. I told Karen that I was just confirming if she had shipped my part as per our last conversation? . I was dismayed with the response and discourage by the attitude. This is not a good business practice threatening me that they will cut the order. I was jsut merely asking for shipping information,..Customers like me is at their mercy. They have an excellent product that we really need. I have already waited a long time "who would want to get the money back" I was just reporting these letting everybody know. Since I am a beginner and probably not know Mike and Karen,..I hope they will not be offended by this. This forum is for reporting issues and sharing information. So I am speaking based on my experience and these are facts. I hope that they would still adhere to the transaction and send my adapters.