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Default Re: Electrical question

Originally Posted by jbabb View Post
I have a 6v light. I would like to hook it up to the white wire on my Chinese kit. It lights the bulb for a split second but naturally acts like a kill switch. I know there is a way to wire it ( probably with resistors) so that the light will stay on without grounding the engine.
IMO hooking anything up to the wire is going to detract from an already weak ignition. A resistor is a bad idea in terms of wasted energy. A diode is better because the CDI only uses half the cycle.

I experimented with all the above and LED strings which should also minimize drain from the ignition half of the cycle. But never saw a case where the bike ran as good as nothing connected. Usually the light had to be switched off to start the motor and in some situations had to reduce plug gap to keep it going. Cheap LED bike light with rechargeable AAs was best solution for me.

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