which one for this bike ?


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Sep 13, 2017
I'm considering installing motor kit for this bike. Since this is Alu frame (20") I'm looking for something ultralight. Preferably 38cc or so and possibly in-frame mounted (I need space on the back for the laguage basket etc.).
I have looked several solutions but most lower brands do not show the weight. I like the rear motor/belt solution but it would prevent me from carrying stuff on the back (unless there is some idea for that).

What I need - is to be able to disengage the motor completely and just ride without is and do not drag the big weight. I'm not concerned about the speed. Just need it to help me go up the hill on a bumpy road etc. I would rather eliminate roller type solution. I also would like to keep front disks so I can change gears while riding without the motor).
The whole thing has to be light enough to hang on the small bike rack (passenger car).

I'm new to this , so motors, parts, mods and so - are swamps. Appreciate any help. I'm not very concerned about the price so anything below around $600 will be OK.

Thank - ARTHUR


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Jan 8, 2016
Mpls Mn
Welcome to the forum. You might consider an ebike geared front hub or rear hub kit. 36 volt 250 watt geared hubs are eady to install and ad only 15 to 17 pounds total weight with a lithion battery.
You can get a kit and battery for 599 plus 50 bucks shipping. Yep bigger and better is avail. But if cruising speeds of 12 - 15 mph is ok. And 2 hour install. This set up is a great start . Battery would mount where a water bottle cage woulda go. I like font hubs or the ease of install. I own two geared hub builds and they offer 0 resistance when pedaling and love them. They have great range also. You can also just order a Cyclemstic bike off eBay , amazon or walmart.com with the whole shebang installed for about the same price.
Or less if you check online. If seen them often of 649.00
Or if gas power is wanted the lightest is a china girl most likely. Lots of info here if you use the search engine.


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Sep 4, 2008
To pedal your motorbike with no drag from the engine, you will need a friction drive kit. The motor and drive roller can be lifted off the tire for easy pedalling with most friction kits. You could rig up something for carrying cargo in your frame triangle.