trying different motor?

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    I have built a few of the "Chinese" gas bikes. I still drive one ten miles one way to work. I am ok with them but would like to try something different. I have a 1943 1/2 hp WMB (washing machine Briggs). The old kick start kind. I had it on a skate board when I was a kid. Lots of fun.

    I don't know if there is a cubic inch to horse power converter. Does any one know a formula? Or maybe Since there is a rule on 49cc or less there is one on horespower too?

    I am pretty decent on making things run but very slow on shopping for information on the net.... I'm not as caught up on the "information age" as I would like to be.

    Can anyone help me? I much appreciate the help this forum has given my on mike all have kept me running!

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    Your engines horse power is not really dictated by it's cubic displacement as much as other factors.

    I think that engine you have is about 5/8th hp.

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