Troubleshooting; Primer hole leaking fuel?

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Feb 12, 2020
Before I pull everything apart, maybe this is a familiar problem to someone here?

This is a Goplus amazon kit that I've installed with my son. It has run well for about an hour total, but today it cut out and started dripping fuel.

The jist is pretty simple; as soon as I open the fuel valve, fuel starts dripping out of the carb. Nothing stops it, other than shutting the fuel valve.

Popping off the air cleaner, I found that fuel is gushing out of the small hole next to the barrel inlet, which I presume is where the primer shoots its fuel?

Is my crappy lil plastic primer stuck open, or is there something else I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 13, 2010
Not sure, except once I just returned a carb bought once that was leaking, but then I did not have to pay shipping back or pay restocking fee. One thing I do before I hook up a new gravity feed float bowl type carb is to blow gently into the carb when upright and listen to hear flow. Note it should be heard as float valve is open. Then turn carb upside down and do that again and if flow is heard, then the valve did not shut as it should. With gas already in it, you'll have to empty it and clear it out to try this. Some carbs have a weep hole but I noticed them on just some not all. Think it is if there is too much pressure or something. Mainly used on engines that incorporate a fuel pump and protects the carb from more damage than otherwise, or stops from flooding. I bought on Ebay a primer bulb and the whole airfilter holder used. The bulbs I expect you can buy new. Really though I like to not wait for return refund and buy again, but adjusting the float valve I tried on this one, but I expect the valve and or seat were not in good shape. Also taking apart this carb as I did I found the gasket on the bottom of the bowl was mashed up and could not be used again without leaking there. Ya cutting your own gasket or form a gasket tube stuff is possible if in a hurry fine. But I have had a few cheap carbs work well ($12) and so one that does not have easy way to fix without having possible more stuff go wrong as you try to fix it, refund please. Stuff already had been using for years I do tinker with though.