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Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by Cyclin, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Hey guys!

    So I took a break from motorbicycling a couple years ago. I was fairly active on here and had built up two rides, and was using my bike as a main form of transportation to and from work (around 10 mile trip one way, 10 mile back, everyday)

    I was using a slant head 2-smoke with SBP Expansion chamber, I upgraded the chain to heavier duty one, racing carb w/ low-pro air filter and... crap I can't think of what else I did.

    Anyway, I still have an old build for parts but have since sold my main ride. I would like to get back into riding and wa hoping someone could give me a rundown on the latest and greatest. Whats changed in the last couple years?

    Should I start with a pre-built or should I do a build from scratch again?

    Any recommendations on engine or on pre-builts (if thats the route you think I should take) are welcome.

    I am located in California. Thank you!

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    Welcome back. Glad you've returned to our little community.

    There hasn't been a lot of changes in two years. Prices for kits have increased, along with everything else, but what you see offered is about the same as when you were active here.
    Four stroke engines have gained in popularity but the venerable little Chinese 2 strokers are still in abundance. Machined rear sprocket adapters are more readily available for those who have problems with the 'rag joint' method of installing the sprocket. There are several to choose from now. Shop around if that's your route.

    Looking around the forum you'll see that the experience level has increased with better builds and outstanding quality going into the bikes. There are more custom builds now as members gain experience and want something new and unique instead of a bolt-together bike, they are preferring something different from what everyone else is riding.

    I've never been a fan of pre-built preferring to use my talents and abilities toward something I can call my own but that's just me. There are several sources for professionally built motorized bicycles, many of them are here as forum sponsors.
    That will have to be your decision based on your budget and mechanical skills. Obviously if you rode a bike your put together for as long as you did you have the skills to build a successful bike.

    Good luck with whatever you choose and again, welcome back.

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