stupid old people yet again


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Sep 30, 2012
hood struts on my car failed last week, so ordered new ones - spent 20 min pulling handle to open hood and wiggling hood and trying to pry up with screwdriver till I gave up and got GF to come out and pull handle while I tried to lift - walking to car, I explained where handle was and only at that point did I realize I had been pulling brake release handle instead of hood release all that time - owned the car 25 years : (
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Jul 13, 2010
A neighbor had climbed on the roof of a Chevy Van and was holding this woman by her legs as she was trying to reach the catch release on the hood through the area by the bottom of the windshield. Her whole body was vertically across the windshield. They had as I though taken off the hinges but it was still not possible to pull the whole hood off, that damn catch release! I said cutting a hole with a die grinder right above the catch on the sheet metal of the hood. I also mentioned that you could just put duct tape over it afterward. Ya know maybe it all was the same issue. Parking Brake? In any case it was said that she would not be opposed to using duct tape. Use some with prints of flowers on it:)