SoCal Motorized Bicycle Race March 29th, 30th

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    Hello All,

    This has already been posted in another thread, but I would like to start a formal thread to relate to the upcoming race.

    At Apex raceway in beautiful Perris, CA, the SCMBR race series continues on Saturday March 30th. On Friday, March 29th the track is open for practice, and many racers come Friday, practice and tune, then stay overnight in the pits, either in tent, camper, RV, or their car.

    We race many different classes. Three different classes (Beginner, Novice, Expert) for the China girl engines, midrange for larger engines, and unlimited for the bad boy 20hp+ engines. We also race gopeds and hard tire mini gokarts.

    It’s a super fun and inexpensive way to enjoy the thrill of closed circuit racing. Most everyone is extremely friendly and it’s great to meet others with the same small motor addiction. Bring earplugs though, because those goped guys have some loud ass little 2 strokes that they love to rev, rev, rev, in the pits.

    Hope to see you all there, I finally bought some actual race leathers, so I’m excited to try and get some scrape marks on my knee pucks.

    See you in the pits,

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    The leathers were a wise choice. No other material keeps your skin from abrading as well. Leather also is nonstick on pavement so you slide instead of tumble incurring broken bones.
    Tom from Rubicon

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