Problems And Story. Read Please!!!

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    STORY: so i've been having all of my problems with the back wheel of my bike. The first one was the brake arm was in the way of the sprocket. Bent it a bit and it was fixed. THEN the chain shredded through my rear tire and blew it up, (RIM COST: 45$, TIRE COST: 15$, inner tube cost: 8$) while i was doing 40mph. After that, i put a wood spacer behind the sprocket which WAS working until the clamp for the brake arm snapped and the arm swung around and BENT THE FRAME OF MY BIKE.

    NOW: Currently waiting for my caliper brakes for the front of my bike. Put a thinner rear tire on, which solved the chain crap. Also sanded down the wood spacer and painted it black. Waiting for harbor freight to get the heavy duty chain breaker in so i can trash the chain tensioner and make the chain the right size. took out the brake shoes in the brake so i am currently riding without any brakes and am in my back yard. Also going to buy a new brake arm and start fresh. I am also waiting for the brake arm extender from spooky tooth.

    PROBS: Some gas is spitting out of the air filter and the spark plug is black and wet. Going to deal with the spark plug until i have the money to buy a thinner fuel jet for the carb.

    FUTURE (2 weeks): going to have a boost bottle and new air filter. also going to have 2 equal size tires.

    Yeah, thats about it, lulz! i will update this in a few days!!!
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    I wouldn't recommend a wood wheel spacer .You would be better off stacking some washers better safe then sorry.
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    Boost bottle is a wast of money. Go with a tuned pipe and match your ports.

    A boost bottle is almost as bad as putting the wagon in front of the horse at this point.
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    Hey,Blackrain.Sounds like your creating some of your problems!Definitely loose the wood.
    Do you know that you can Flip you sprocket to allow for more chain clearance?
    Did you use both supplied rag joints?Round rubber spacers.
    Are they mounted one inside the spokes the other outside?
    Is your rear sprocket running true?
    Sparkplug should be brown-ish.What's your gap?Gas/oil mix?Kip.
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    what he said and add an MM intake !

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