newbie trying to get started! help :S!

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    Hey guys,
    great forum btw, well here is my question:
    i have about 600$ and have no bike or engine. im also just a starting mechanic, and to make things worse i am 6"5. so what i want to know is:
    1. What engine should i buy? there are so many! i already decided i wanted a 4 stroke.. will that be ok?
    2. second, what bike should i buy? i mean size and style. from my research i believe i should get the biggest size possible along as there is enough room for the engine.
    3. keeping in mind that i live in canada, so shipping will be extra expensive, do you know of a good place to buy? i heard CH might be a good choice, is that right? it just seems a bit pricey...
    4. if i get a two stroke will it be harder to install? im a pretty big newbie here...
    5. also are the grubber engines good?
    thank you and any tip or suggestion you might have would be very appreciated!
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  2. Bikeguy Joe

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    I think you are a prime candidate for a thatsdax Titan....easy to mount on any bike and it's a four stroke too.
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    Welcome to the forum. I think if you check you'll find Chris Hill (CH) does not offer a 4 stroke. The Titan will probably be a good choice for you as suggested above. Good luck and let us know how you're doing with your build. $600.00, hmmm, that's a nice starting point.

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