New Style Skyliner -- Almost Done


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May 23, 2008
S.F. East Bay
I think I will caller her "Ping" . . .

This is the new Schwinn Skyliner. Almost done. I need to install the CDI and a kill switch. I am not going to use the black gas tank, just not my style, so we shall see.

This is my comparison of the original intake, the ported intake, and my tinned 90 degree 1/2" plumbing elbow.

This is with the carburetor mounted off to the side. You have room for carb cable. Lots of RTV . . . It is actually level, but looks like it is tilted.

Now the cool part in the handle bars and the controls.
I know Bryan of has a bad rap, but when my kit was short a shift lever, he sent out a replacement aloy one within 6 hours of my email. So the clutch is on the left, just above the brake, the left grip gear shift now controls the rear derailler, it still has all the clicks, even though the plastic shows "1st, 2nd, 3rd". On the right side, I took out the little clicker in the grip gear shifter and it is now the throttle. I had to cut up the cables and fashion an end on the cable for the carburetor from a "cable nipple" and it took a lot of fitting, measuring and trimming, but it is working well.

Tomorrow I will hook up the CDI, install a kill switch and a temp fuel tank and take her for a spin!

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Jan 30, 2008
Hurricane Utah
I was looking at that bike at the store, and I wonder if the upper tube is large enough to second as a fuel tank. I would be cool if you could pull it off, the hard part would be to install the fuel cap and tap with-ought messing up the paint. Have fun, Dave


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Jul 29, 2008
nice.. i was looking at the new ones.. how do you like it as a bike?? what engine is that?