Need 26" rim


Sep 30, 2008
Garden City, MI
I'm building a 1945 Simplex with a newer engine. Have most of the parts but need a 26" rim with a 3" wide hub. Have a 26"x 2.125 tire already. The Worksman rims are 3.50" wide.


New Member
Apr 26, 2009
stoney creek ontario
Hey just out of curiosity, ive done about 800km so far and im on my 3rd rim, the first one the spokes got all bent, the second they bent and 7 of them broke off on a ride, and the 3rd one is currently doing ok, im just wondering if its because i don't have a chain tensioner and i think that having it connected directly with no tensioner might be pulling on the rim too much causing the spokes to bend and eventually break. Ive tried a chain tensioner and found it to not work on my bike due the the small tube, ive also tried holding it in place with a screw and no lucky, i like having it direct but if its going to cost me a rim every 250km then i think i will invest in another chain and tensioner, so does anyone think this is a tension problem? Let me know what you think. Thanks guys