Magneto Rotor Nut Size
Dec 12, 2015
I search this forum, and could have sworn there was a list of hardware for the China girl. I can't seem to find it, but have been away from here for a spell. Does anyone know right off what the thread size of the magneto end of the crankshaft? Someone moved my stuff all over the garage, and I lost lots of little bits. Has anyone tried thread locker to hold the woodruff key in the crankshaft slot, to hold it there while installing the rotor? I bought some replacement woodruff keys for the magneto rotor and the countershaft sprocket, but these seem to fit awfully loose, making it impossible to install the rotor without the rotors magnet sucking the key out when trying to install...and yes the woodruff keys are for the China girl motor. Thanks! I know someone here has the answer.


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Sep 30, 2012
not in shop right now to check thread size, but a sewing needle will hold it down inside the slot while putting it in or getting it out