Kill switch repair. yellow button


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Jun 10, 2008
If your yellow button kill switch never worked, and you would like to kill your motor and save $$ on the down hill runs, Check out my repair.
Getting it out is simple. I suggest removing wires with soldering gun to make this easier. The switch is a simple snap together. Just slip an exacto blade, or supper thin small screwdriver between parts and pop it apart. be carefull not to brake it.
The issue is the spring loaded metal contact that sits in the yellow swith button. As you can see, it is stuck in the yellow plastic. It is not only too wide for the slots its supposed to fit in, but it also is simply not bent to fit the holes. Rebend it to make it fit. I used a dremmel to make the legs thinner. now it floats the way it should. making contact with the two copper contacts on the black cover plate. The smaller spring goes under the contact. the big one is behind the button. Reassemble with copper contacts closest to front of switch. Check continuity with voltmeter. You should now have a good switch.



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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I used a toggle switch and a house type electrical switch to replace my kill switches. But I can see how this would be nice.


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Sep 15, 2008
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am i supposed to hold the kill switch in while i ride. i used to didn't have to. what may be wrong/
Depending on how you have it wired, check the soldered connections on the core of the magneto coil. If one of them is broke it will give you the problem you have. They aren't easy to see; some are covered with a glob of brown stuff (insulation).
A simple test for this is to disconnect the kill switch wires and see if the engine runs. If it doesn't then you have a broken solder connection on the mag coil.
Also the recommended way to wire the kill switch is to connect it to the blue & black wires from the CDI...not the white wire and frame.



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Nov 28, 2010
nokomis, fl
thanks tom. now i think i've ran into another problcvlt1em. i think. riding last night i heard this poof and felt something on my forward leg. i again rode to work and i got to noticing a piece of head gasket stuck on the front motor mount bracket. it's 1to 1-1/2" long. will this damage my motor?