Is my top speed of 25 MPH all it's got?

Alex Reiner

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Apr 22, 2019
I've got a cruiser with a 66cc/80 installed (Seeutek, I think is the 'brand', it was from Amazon). It runs amazingly well--starts right up immediately every time and runs like an absolute champ. It was broken in with care and currently has about 200 miles on it. The only things I've changed are added a spring tensioner with sprocket and a hubcentric rear sprocket.

Currently, on flat ground my bike tops out at 23-25 mph. I live at an elevation of around 1000' ASL and I weigh just under 200lbs. I generally don't run it wide open and I'm usually content with 18-20mph around town. But I was hoping to get 30-35mph out of it in short bursts. Is this reasonable? Should this go a little faster considering riding conditions or is 25mph to be expected? I'm just curious as to others' opinions of this.

If nothing else, I'd like to find a little more torque for the uphills around here.


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Dec 31, 2014
First Welcome to the forum & congrats on a good running bike, post photos. We like photos.

There's a lot you're not mentioning, so hard to answer your question. Most of my bikes didn't free up, break in, till I'd run several tanks of break-in mix through them. 25mph isn't bad running thick fuel, especially if you run a 44tooth rear sprocket which is common kit bike component. Given two or three hundred more miles your bike quite likely will run 30+mph on thinner fuel.

With a good running bike I'd give it some time to "start running" before messing with it looking for speed.